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Outdoor Storage For Bikes

outdoor storage for bikes

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a sea of bikes for a sea of people

a sea of bikes for a sea of people

Since I'm posting my b-listers for the second day of Pitchfork tonight, I figured I'd give my last four shots that I liked a chance on the main account.

Since it's summer, most of my shots involve people right now and this one technically did as well but I cropped them out.

There is an amazing amount of bike riding in Chicago among indie kids and this was reflected at Pitchfork. There were dozens of bikes chained to the fence all along the entranceway.

Being as I got to Pitchfork relatively early the second day, I got a chance to take a photo of many of them while I waited to get in.

How we start our mornings

How we start our mornings

I took this from just inside of our front door, and Shep is between the door and the gate which is under the stoop (our upstairs neighbor's steps to their door is above this). Shep likes to go wait out there in the cold while I finish getting my layers on for our walk.

The window looks really dirty in pictures! Also, that little door behind Shep is hiding our bikes (yay for outdoor storage for our bikes).

outdoor storage for bikes

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