Female Bicycle Seat

female bicycle seat

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Entry to Il Ghiottone, Kyoto Japan, in November.

Entry to Il Ghiottone, Kyoto Japan, in November.

Check out the bicycles parked out in front, what style!

Kyoto is a treasure trove for fine cuisine. I had done my research beforehand and mapped out a few restaurants to try, and in particular, I was making special trips to Il Ghiottone and Kikunoi. I made reservations more than a month in advance which was early enough to get a weekday lunch reservation.

Il Ghiottone is described as a Japanese-inspired, specifically Kyoto-inspired, Italian restaurant. For instance, pasta is boiled with kelp stock and other Asian ingredients like bamboo are incorporated into traditional Italian cuisine. This injection of foreign elements is delicate and the dishes still retain their Italian heritage. (Full disclosure: I know nothing about fine Italian dining.)

Many regard Il Ghiottone as Kyoto's best Italian restaurant, and that's high praise for a country where Italian food is massively popular. And quite honestly, I was blown away. There are restaurants that you come out from thoroughly impressed by the culinary sophistication and mastery that you have just experienced, and then there are meals that do more. I came out of Il Ghiottone thinking it was the greatest day of my life!

No doubt this was heightened by the fact that it was my first day in Japan and I found everything slightly novel. The first thing I saw stepping out of the hotel that morning was a lady with an old film camera strapped to her chest, presumably on her way to the office. What style, I thought.

So is Il Ghiottone. It's located in an old (but like everything else there, immaculately maintained) house beside Kodaiji Temple, beneath Yasaka Pagoda. The inside was bright and modernly designed. A lady took our jackets at the door and seated us next to the window that overlooked a small garden and the pagoda. The best seat in the house in my opinion. There were two set-menus (?3 675 and ?5 600) for lunch, we opted for the cheaper one.

It was a full-house Monday lunch service. The other diners were all Japanese, female and looked like they had a lot of time and money. A group of middle-aged women chatted away two tables from us, they looked rich and had their husbands' cash with them. One lady wore a massive diamond ring. Later smaller groups of younger females came in. They were attractive and didn't appear to be dressed for work. There was even a couple dressed in full kimono! They had excellent posture.

As we were leaving it started to drizzle outside. Our server handed us each a clear umbrella as a gift. How perfect, oh moshi-moshi!

Lunch set-menu, ?3 675 ($46.50) @ Il Ghiottone, Kyoto Japan, +81 (075) 532-2550.

(The entire menu was in Japanese, but our server explained each dish in English. I'm listing here based on memory.)

117 / 365 Nike.

117 / 365 Nike.

okay, so theres tons of soccer game uploads from photography class today :) i had fun. i like alot of my pictures. i hate how theres stalkers here on flickr, suddenly my photos have been getting tons of views, and no comments, WHAT? ugh.

anyway, my photography teacher gave me a free bicycle from like 1985. haha i really love it, even though it's a female bike :P you won't see me in public. haha but the seat is really comfortable compared to my old bike.
so i'm keeping it, thank you very much! :D

we got a GPS today, a garmin 755t i believe, it's great! ..until it lead us onto a random dirt road! :P it's really great though.

i didn't get any stalker messages today, yet. thank god :) lets pray. haha

go to page 2 of my photostream! theres more soccer picture(s)! :D

i still didn't do any homework tonight, and i'm not going to. it's too late and i'm too tired. we're all entitled to some slacking off, right?


almost friday! class bbq and then dance :)

female bicycle seat

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